Nieuport 11 Replicas

VIMY FLIGHT Pilots - Abbotsford Air Show 2016

VIMY FLIGHT Team presents Pup #1 at the Wings of Courage launch. Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, BC. -  June 2016

Photo: Carlo Ricci

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On April 9th, 2017, pilots from the Canadian Museum of Flight  in Langley, BC, are planning to fly a formation of six replica First World War biplanes over Vimy Ridge, France. This squadron of retired Military and ex-Military pilots from all parts of Canada have come together in what has become a mission of national pride.

Next year on Vimy Ridge, for a brief moment in time, the thousands of expected international dignitaries and spectators watching will be transported back to that momentous day for Canada, 100 years ago.

Through a generous grant from Heritage Canada, two Sopwith Pup replica aircraft are being completed by the Canadian Museum of Flight in British Columbia.  These 'Pups' will join with a present fleet of four Nieuport 'Bebe' biplanes for Vimy and across Canada.

'Vimy Flight' of the Museum is a partnership with Sound Venture Productions of Ottawa and the national Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  They are developing a larger initiative, under the umbrella title of A Nation Soars, that commemorates Canada's contributions to the evolution of First World War aviation.  This is being accomplished through a trilogy of timely documentaries and a host of supporting educational tools as well as interactive events.

Sound Venture is producing three powerful and poignant documentaries, narrated in English by iconic Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd and in French by celebrated Canadian explorer and mountaineer Bernard Voyer. 

For a detailed view of the trilogy of documentaries "A Nation Soars", click on the  A Nation Soars tab.

Commemorate . Educate . Celebrate

VIMY FLIGHT Build Team gets Sopwith Pup #1 ready for 

Wings of Courage launch - June 2016