James Gibbon

Janetville, ON

427 Sqn RCAF Association, London

Colin A Catley

Calgary, AB

Brian Pound

Charloettown, PEI

Ross Currie

Whiterock, BC

Friends of VFhave helped support the Birth of A Nation Tour tour with Corporate & Private Donations

Vimy Flight has been honoured with the opportunity to commemorate our Canadian heroes and celebrate Canada 150 with our 2017 cross-country tour. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of our Friends across the country . Through their contributions - this mission, that started as a dream has become a reality.

Thank you for helping us honour our Canadian veterans in communities from coast to coast!

Allan Snowie

Bellingham, WA

Cynthia Snowie

Bellingham, WA

Don Chapman

Lethbridge, AB

Ted Gibbon

Comox, BC